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64x64 icons from the MTVU FANDOM AWARDS and the YOUNG HOLLYWOOD AWARDS. requested by anonymous. please do not redistribute, re-edit, repost or claim as your own! please like if using/taking!

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Congratulations, Chloe Moretz — winner of Fan Favorite Female Award at the Young Hollywood Awards in Los Angeles, California [27/7/14]

hi dany! could you please make some icons of chloe at comic con and the young hollywood awards? :)

hi boo!! im waiting for the whole hollywood awards set to come out in hq but it should be out by tomorrow morning so yeah!! i’ll post the icons as soon as i get the pics :))

Casual reminder that Dany is p much the cutest person on tumblr

aw omg nooooo you’re the cutest!!

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/post/93069983684/new-if-i-stay-clip can you please tell me where is this from? I wanna see it! thanks

thank you for saying “please” & “thanks”, babe!! i’ve gotten like 5 messages regarding this video and you’re the only one of them who actually, properly asked for it and you, my friend, are awesome so here u go

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@trevordukemoretz; @cmoretz won fan fav female at the #younghollywoodawards thanks for voting !

New ‘If I Stay’ clip!

Chloe Moretz attends the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards [27/7/14]

omg what do u think about the person faking a convo with chloe

what an asshole tbh?? like chloe literally had to tweet “just saying- this isn’t me” my poor angel :((

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Chloe Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham spotted having dinner together [26/7/14] (CREDIT)